Montana's Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System

Welcome!  This data reporting system provides access to multiple years of data and interactive reports on student achievement, graduation rates, enrollment, program and course offerings, district and school profiles, the National Assessment of Progress (NAEP), and financial information reported by school districts.  Additionally, GEMS provides users the ability to compare Montana schools side-by-side.


We provide schools, policy makers, parents and the public with unprecedented access to data and reports regarding Montana's public education system.  Here are some resources to help guide you through GEMS.  Please visit our Training Center for a complete set of our helpful resources.

Data Transport System
The OPI has designed a data transport system to facilitate the collection and exchange of student information required for Montana standard transcripts. School or district personnel using Infinite Campus, PowerSchool or Schoolmaster, have the option to use the MT Transcript extract in their SIS system to upload student transcript data into a secure database.

Parchment Exchange
Free, certified, electronic transcripts are now available to high school students enrolled in participating schools.

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